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Family Links Associated with the hobby

I have had several enquiries from people trying to trace items used by companies which were once family owned. I have put all these enquiries together, and hope that someone out there can point them in the right direction, or fix them up with items used "by the family".

If your family history points to brewing, or mineral water manufacture, let me know. Click on the HOME button, and the CONTACT ME link and I will add it to this FAMILY LINKS page.

Don't forget to send in a photo of your family related bottles !!!

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I have received an email from Sarah at ROOTSCHAT.COM, an excellent web site for tracing family history. Sarah tells me that she has received several contacts from people trying to trace their family history, and have come up with links to the mineral water / brewery industries.Click the RootsChat logo to link to ROOTSCHAT.COM. You may find this web site useful in your search for family links.

The family links -
in alphabetical order by TOWN then SURNAME-



aberavon - Alfred and David Williams

My ancestors alfred and david williams worked in Aberavon in around the 1870's to 1890's and owned Williams and Son, a soda water / earated mineral water / ginger beer manufacturer. The company was located in Cwmavon Road in the parish of Aberavon.

Alfred Williams died 9th December 1873 Penrhiw aged just 34.

I am interested to obtain any bottles or items related to his company. Contact Ceri at:

ceri williams


aylesbury - samuel gulliver

My Great grandfather George Bulmer Draper worked in Aylesbury in the 1880's for a Samuel Gulliver, a wine and spirit merchant and aerated water manufacturer. He died whilst in his employ and I have a copy of the coroners inquest.

I am interested to know more about the business of the Gullivers (Samuel and Henry) and what George may have been doing. He had a chemists background, his father being an apothecary and he himself had begun but not completed medical training.

Any info you have or could lead me to would be much appreciated. Contact Olwyn on





bethnal green - h. and f. gomm

I am looking for a bottle (any type) from H and F Gomm, Bethnal Green. Do you know anyone that has one that they are willing to part with?
It is for a member of the Gomm family who would love to have one.

With regards,
Amy Adams

Contact Amy on -



blackburn - meadowcroft

Hi, my wife Frances is the great, great grandaughter of William Meadowcroft. I would appreciate any background info / photo's of the company etc. Frances remembers the company still trading in the late sixties / early seventies when her father Arnold James Meadowcroft, who was one of three Meadowcroft brothers, died. The remaining brothers being Allan and Roy.

The company is no longer trading after going into years of decline. In the end I believe that they no longer produced drinks or concentrates only the pop manufacturing machines.

She remembers very little, as she was only young, and would appreciate any info you may have. Thanks very much - Mick Pearson.

Contact Mike on -



Bordersley, Birmingham - Allen Brewery

I'd be glad to hear from anyone who has any information about the Allen Brewery in Bordesley, Birmingham from 1854 to 1900. This was situated behind the Moseley Arms pub (later hotel) in Ravenhurst Street. Also any information about the brewer, John Allen, when he was living in Irthlingborough, Northampton. He was my great-great-grandfather.

Contact Jayne Kirk at -



Brierley Hill - Samson Elwell and Co / Thomas Holmeshaw Elwell, Delph Brewery

I am tracing my family tree, my grandfather was Thomas Holmeshaw Elwell. Soft drinks manufacturer, born in 1867, Oldbury, Worcestershire died 1944. He worked at Samson Elwell and co located in Brierley Hill. He resided in Ambelcote, Stourbridge. I would appreciate any information you may have.



Brighton - Edwin Elliott

Edwin Elliott was my my great great grandfather, and was a mineral water manufacturer in Brighton between the years of 1871 and 1901, and possibly longer. I am on the look out for any information relating to his mineral water company, including bottles and related items.

Contact Julie Wade at



Brixton, London, Burwell - H G Rickard

My family owned the H G Rickard Mineral Water Works in Brixton, London and the Droford Works in Burwell, Cambridgeshire. Both operated under the ‘Droford’ Ship trade mark and the business was sold to Idris in the early 20th century. I am interested in any information or items relating to this Company.

Contact Philip Rickard at



Burnley - Green, or Green and Smith

I am trying to track down some old bottles from Burnley. Old Hall St. I think. The name on the bottles is Green or Green and smith. They come from a mineral water factory which belonged to my gt grandfather. Anything would be a help. Thank-you.

Contact Diane Shires at



Burnley - Green and Smith

I am Looking for information re the Green and Smith Mineral Water co. Burnley, which my great grandfather worked for - his brother Sidney owned it. Any history or bottles connected to this company would be appreciated

Contact Pam Green at -





Church Gresley - Rosamund Ward or E.B. Osbourne

I am looking for a mineral bottle (or any information) with the name Rosamund Ward or E.B. Osbourne as my Grandfathers Grandmother was a mineral water manufacturer in Hastings Road, Church Gresley around 1890.

Contact Peter Ward at



colchester - jim withers

My Great-grandfather, Jim Withers, lived in Magdalen Street, Colchester, Essex. He made and sold muffins, crumpets, cream cheese, and ginger beer. I have heard of ginger beer bottles with his name on being found in Colchester, and would love to own one. If anyone has ever seen one of his bottles or indeed if anyone has one for sale; or even could supply a photograph of one, I would be very grateful to know about it. Thank you, Andy Withers

Contact Andy Withers at





darwen - John Haydock

My great grandfather owned the John Haydock Soda Water works in Darwen, Lancashire- this was located on 2 sites over the years

1) Ellenshaw Works
2) Foundry St

I am interested in getting hold of any bottles used by his factory - Stoneware, Glass or Codd bottles. These usually depict a trade mark of St David, with a harp and the location of the factory above.

Contact James at the following email address:



drighlinton - scott and stead

I am trying to find out some information about Adam Stead, who was apparently my great, great, great grandfather born in 1830 in Drighlington in Wesy Yorkshire. Any information would be much appreciated.

Contact Jo Hefferman at



dumfries - ross

I am trying to track down any bottles from my partners great grandfather, Joseph Ross. He traded under the name of Ross's aerated mineral water works. He had a factory in King Street, and Glasgow Street, Dumfries, between 1894 and 1910. I believe he also manufactured ginger beer. Any information would be appreciated

Contact Valerie Kendall at



dunbar - fenton and co

We are trying to trace our family links and are trying to find out more about Ayers Quay bottle works in Sunderland, middle to late 1800s also Fenton & CO brewers in Dunbar Scotland (Coffin Street)1850/60 ISH. Any chance of anything please? Thank you. Roy turnbull

Contact Roy at



dundee and glasgow - G. and P. Barrie

We are trying to trace bottles used by the company G and P Barrie in Dundee and Glasgow. My husbands family owned G and P Barrie - his great great (I presume) grand-mother started the business in approx 1830 - and had 2 factories - one in Dundee and one in Glasgow. She had 2 sons - one inherited the Glasgow factory and one the Dundee factory. When my husbands father died approx 25 years ago the Glasgow plant was sold.

Contact Helen at







Frome (and Wells) - Arthur Scammell

My grandfather, Arthur Scammell, ran Scammell Bros of Frome (and Wells) which produced mineral water and lemonade up until the 1960's.

I scour the shops for items from his business and so far have a good collection of codd bottles and a soda syphon. I'm always on the look out for more so if you ever come across Scammell Bros items please do let me know. 

Contact Clare at






Gateshead - J. Kershaw

I am the great great grandson of James Kershaw - of the Gateshead Mineral Water manufacturing firm. I am looking for Kershaw bottles, or interesting information relating to the business.

Contact Jonathan Kershaw Lumley at


Please visit our family web site at




Handforth - Isaac Wardle

I am trying to get hold of any information / bottles relating to the mineral water company run by my great grandfather Issac Wardle. Isaac started brewing horehound beer about 1860 in Handforth Cheshire. I think he ended up with 3 factories in Manchester - one in Chapel Street Longsight / Levenshulme mcr. The firm was sold about 1910 onwards, i think to one of the following - Arthur Edge, Staffords of Denton, or Cantrell and Cochrane. Can you help in any way as I do not know his trading name. Kind regards, Mark.

Contact Mark Bradshaw at



Huddersfield - P. Marsland and Sons

I would like to find anyone who has info on a bottle or opener from the P. Marsland and Sons brewery in Huddlefield UK.

My husband's family owned the brewery years ago but it is now gone. I would LOVE to give him a bottle or opener for our 25th anniversary!

Contact Dee Gibson, of Rockford Illinois USA, at









keswick - The Crown Inn, Hume

Some of my ancestors ran a pub, the Crown Inn in Keswick Cumbria in the 1930's, where they also produced mineral drinks?? A relative of mine has a glass bottle bearing the family name Hume, and I'd love to get one, but they must be quite rare.

Contact Geoff Hume at



kettering - W.C. Cook

My family in the late 1800's were manufacturers and bottlers of mineral water etc in Kettering. The original bottles were I am led to believe contain a marble so contents did not come out, I have only one bottle of, so if any one has any more or knowledge of the company please let me know

Contact John Cook at



Kings Lynn, Norfolk - W. Ramsell


Contact Colin Ramsell at





London - Batty and Co

Does anyone have any information on the company Batty and Co Ltd, of London possibly Clerkenwell)? I think they must have been trading during the late 19th and early 20th centuries? Batty and Co Ltd were pickle and sauce manufacturers - we understand that they also made Yarmouth bloater paste and probably lots of other things!. We are family historians and Batty is a family name. We would like to know if these Battys were a part of our family.

Contact Sue Pawling at



London - Claytons

I am researching my family history. I have a ginger beer bottle with Clayton's Old English Stone Ginger Beer, London and branches, written on it. It is beige with a darker neck. My family said we owned the factory years ago but I can't find a thing about it. Mind you I am new to computing so I may be on the wrong track! Thank you if you can help.

Contact Brenda Cooke at



London - William North

My great, great great grandfather was a soda water manufacturer in East London, probably Walthamstow area, and we are interested in finding out the name of his company and seeing if any bottles are available. His name was William North, and he would have been manufacturing approx. 1830-1860s.

If anyone has any information that might be helpful we would be thrilled to hear it.  Contact

Contact Amanda at



london and northampton - wm. and vj culverhouse

In 1808, my 4 times great grandfather established a company called Wm Culverhouse and Co Of London (WC & Co). I have several bottles from this company. The company was passed to the next generation until later, my great grandfather bottled ginger beer under the name- V J Culverhouse of Upper Harding Street Northampton. The family trade stopped, possibly due to the 2nd World War or competition from larger firms. I am searching for any bottles from my family, and also any additional information you may have on my families bottles would be welcomed.

Contact Clive Culverhouse at



london - Hammerton and Co, Stockwell Brewery

I have been contacted by Lee Hammerton who has links to this old brewery and is on the look out for Hammerton bottles. If you have one of these flagons, or any other Hammerton bottles or brewery items, please contact Lee at the following email address-



London - Watney Mann Reid, Reid Brewery

I am descended from a family of brewers. Have you heard of Reid's Stout? Reid was eventually taken over and became Watney Mann Reid. I'm looking for a stout (or other product) bottle - even a photo would do. The Reid brewery was located at the Griffin Brewery, Liquorpond Street (now Clerkenwell Road), London.

Contact Dave Reid at



london - reids brewery co ltd

I am descended from a family of brewers. Have you heard of Reid's Stout? Reid was eventually taken over and became Watney Mann Reid. I'm looking for a stout (or other product) bottle - even a photo would do. The Reid brewery was located at the Griffin Brewery, Liquorpond Street (now Clerkenwell Road), London.

Contact Dave Reid at





middleborough (clevland) - bruce

Sylvia Bruce is on the look out for a stone / glass ginger beer bottle used by the company, Bruce of Middleborough. Her Husbands Grandfather was a supplier of ginger beer in Middleborough, Cleveland, and his name was Peter Bruce. Does anyone have a bottle from this company as she would love to obtain one for her husband. Sylvia thinks that Peter Bruce would have been in business in about the 1920/30s.

Contact Sylvia at



Mitchell SD - Reierson's Kreme krust bread and Ice cream

My father had a bakery in Mitchell, SD from 1916-1946 and he made ice cream, home made rolls,etc, called Reierson's Kreme Krust Bread and Ice Cream. He had butter crocks with the Reierson's Kreme Krust written on, and these were Red Wing. They are shown in the Red Wing book from several years back. Also, I am looking for pencils and signs with the same logo. I only collect that which my father used. I have a very few items. If you ever come across any, please let me know. thanks so much. Thanks again!!!

Contact Roberta Mcentee at



mrs filces ointment circa 1850-1860

I am looking for a jar and / or lid of Mrs Filces Ointment c 1850 to 60. Researching my family history and came across my Great Aunts remedy of "all ills": Mrs Filce's Ointment. I understand that there may be examples or the jar and/or lid around. Would like to view at least, or purchase if possible. Kindest regards DAVID FILCE

Contact David Filce at -





netherton - netherton bottling company

I would like to purchase a beer bottle from the Netherton Bottling Company or one with Frank Billingham, Netherton written on it. Frank Billingham was my Great Grandfather and I am very keen to obtain one. Thank you for your help.

Contact Kim Elliott at



northill - marsom and son

I am tracing my family tree and have found that my great grandfathers family had a pub and ginger beer brewery at Northill, Bedfordshire. I have bought three bottles from a dealer but would welcome more. Two of the bottles have just Marsom & Sons Northill on but one has Marsom & Sons, Northill, Maypole on it as Northill was a village with a permanent maypole it would seem they also used this as their 'logo'. If you can help I would be much obliged - many thanks

Contact Diane Martin at





Oswaldtwistle -Shoulder of mutton

Has anyone got any bottles from the Oswaldtwistle, near Accrington Lancs, public house called The Shoulder of Mutton. If so, would they let me know please, as this public house was run by my grand-mother.

Contact Mick at





Peterborough -Adcocks

My husbands family had been in soft drink's manufacturing since the late 1800's. I only remember them in Peterborough. We lost all of our families memorabilia in a burglary and i am trying to get a small collection together again if i can. All of our Gold and Silver medals from the British Bottling Institute also went. I'm Looking for anything with the Adcock's of Peterborough Logo/name on.

Contact Mal Adcock at



Plymouth - Anstice

I believe there was a brewery/bottle manfacturer in Plymouth which bore the name Anstice. I would very much like to buy a bottle with this name to display even though I have no connection other than surname. Any help much appreciated.

Contact David Anstice at



plymouth - t. dennisford

My great, great grandmother was related to T Denniford & Sons Mineral Water manufacturers of Plymouth. They operated in later Victorian, Edwardian times and made mineral waters, ginger beer etc and won gold medals for the same! I can find no information anywhere on this company and am eager to find bottles etc with the T Denniford name - any information would be greatly appreciated.

Contact Sally West at



Plymouth - W.R. Lethbridge

I am looking for a mineral bottle with the name W.R. Lethbridge, or something similar, as my Grandmothers, Grandfather had a mineral water bottle factory in Princess Place, Plymouth. He also had a public house called the Topaz Inn in Plymouth.

Contact Jane Burrows at







reigate heath, surrey - bonny

I am looking for a bottle from the Bonny Mineral Water Factory, Reigate Heath, Surrey. This factory was closed in the 1950s. I am the grandchild of a member of the Bonny family and would like a bottle simply because of that. I am tracing the family tree and a bottle would be a nice item to link with the Bonny family. I often visit the Heath at Reigate and have done since my childhood many years ago.

Contact Elaine at



rickmansworth - franklin and sons and franklin bros

My family manufactured and distributed soft drinks from 1886 to 1989 under the names Franklin Bros, and Franklin and Sons of Rickmansworth. I am keen to get hold of any bottles used by the family company. These include codds, hamiltons, flagons, enamels, internal screws, labelled, unlabelled external capped, crown corked, in fact anything up to the day they closed. Please see my collectors page for family items.

Contact Bob Frankin at



rochdale - cheetham

Alison is trying to trace information, and bottles, from her great grandmothers mineral water company. The mineral water company, owned by Mary Cheetham, was in business in Rochdale. Mary Cheetham was born in Shawclough Brow Spotland in 1856, and married in Rochdale in 1876.

Contact Alison at



royal berkshire mineral water co & hampshire mineral water co.

My husband's grandfather owned the Royal Berkshire Mineral Water Co. He also purchased the Hampshire Mineral Water Co. in 1897. John Goulding died on Xmas Eve at the age of 42 when he fell down the stairs at the bottling plant in Reading. I am trying to track down any information / bottles relating to this company.

Contact Lynne at





Selby - R. B. Thurstans, Chemist.

Hello. My great great grandfather R. B. Thurstans had a chemist shop in Selby. I am trying to get hold of bottles from his shop. If anyone has bottles, lables, or anything interesting from the shop bearing his name I would love to hear from you.

I am interested in obtaining any items connected to the shop.

Contact Phil Thurstans at




Sheffield - West Barr. Fretwell Hudson, Chemist.

I have an ancestor who was a Chemist in Sheffield and I am keen to know whether any bottles with his name on are in existance. He was Fretwell Hudson and owned a Chemist Shop in West Barr from approx 1840-1885. It is possible that Fretwell Hudson may well have used Codd bottles as well as Chemist's bottles with his name on. I do have an old label for Laudanum. I am interested in obtaining items / information relating to establishment

Contact Richard Hudson at



Surbiton - Surrey. William Buckwell - Buckwell Brewery.

My great great grandfather William Buckwell owned the Buckwell Brewery linked to the Lamb Inn at

Surbiton Surrey in the !800's.

William Buckwell founded The Lamb Brewery in approximately 1850. He grew his own hops on 40 acres of adjoning land and brewed a distinctive ale. I am interested in finding out any information about this, and in particular I am interested in obtaining any old bottles or stone ware etc? Many thanks

Contact Les Sheppard at





Thornhill Lees, Dewsbury West Yorkshire

I am seeking any bottle, jar, or whatever made by a company that was situated in Thornhill Lees, Dewsbury West Yorkshire. I believe the company was called Adams (or Adamson) and Douglas, and on some products had the company logo of A and D embossed on the bottom rear of the item.

The Douglas element of the company was a family ancestor, and I would like to get hold of at least one for a gift.

Contact Simon Farmer at









Walthamstow, Essex - Fidler and Stevens

Part of our family manufactured mineral water in Walthamstow, Essex in 1914. I am interested in obtaining anything from the company by the name of Fidler and Stevens. Mineral water bottles wanted, plus anything interesting related to that company, or the associated Stevens brewing concern in Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire.

Contact Rachel Stevens at



waldron - Thomas Foord

I am the great great granddaughter of T. Foord of Waldron or Cross-in-Hand, East Sussex. Thomas Foord started the small family mineral water business around 1840, I believe, and it continued in production until around the mid 1930s. I wish I had taken more notice as a child of my father’s memories of the business! I am now trying to find Foord bottles – I know there are Hamilton bottles from the Waldron era, later ones from Cross-in-Hand, and ginger beer bottles and flagons. But they are very difficult to find!

Contact Sheila Watts (nee Foord) at



windsor - twinch brothers

Has anyone ever come across any bottles bearing the name TWINCH, or TWINCH BROTHERS, of Windsor, Berkshire, England? The Twinch Brewery was run by the family for almost eighty years, until 1881 when Frederick Twinch sold up and emigrated to the USA. Yours, Carol Twinch

Contact Carol Twinch at



wycombe - wheelers brewery

I am looking for items from the Wheelers Brewery from Wycombe. I am interested in any history on the brewery and family. If you have any items for sale, can help or lead in the right direction that would be great. Best regards, Andrew Wheeler

Contact Andrew Wheeler at



Also, contact Ray at email address









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