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blackwoods ink

Blackwoods ink: photo by Albert, Preston

Welcome to the Bottle Dump

Hello, and welcome to the Bottle Dump

My old web site had been in place for some time so I decided to give it a make-over. This is my new web site. The internet is now faster and bandwidths are bigger. As a result of this I have gone for bigger, better photos wherever possible.

The Bottle Dump web site is for the digger and collector of antique bottles and jars. As you can see, the Bottle Dump is split into several sections, each one covering a different bottle or container type. I have tried to cover a wide variety of items, and will add more as time, and availability of photographs, permit.

Contact information

Should you wish to contact me for information / identification of your finds my contact details are -


Photographs Wanted

Feel free to send me any photographs you may have of your favourite finds. I will add them to the Bottle Dump, and will always include your name for credits.

goffes bulb codd hybrid

Goffes bulb codd hybrid: photo by Grahame Smith



latest Updates.

11/06/2017 Added Aurthur Scammell of Frome and Wells to the family links page.

27/12/2016 Added LONDON - WILLIAM NORTH to the family links page

03-08-2016 Added Colin Stott's request for West Cornwall items to the wanted page

03/05/2016. Added 'The Bellermine And Other German Stoneware Museum' to the Site Links page.

19-04-2016. Added a request for bottles from THURSTANS CHEMIST, SELBY, to the family links page

31/12/2015. Added a request for info on NELSON BROWN, CHEMISTS, EDINBURGH to the wanted page

31/10/2015. Added H & F Gomm of Bethnal Green to the family links page

Website Technical Info

Purely for reference : My web site is tested with a monitor set at 1920 x 1080. I assemble the website using DreamWeaver on 2x 28 inch monitors both set at 1920 x 1080.

All my web pages have a fixed width of 1020 pixels. This means that the pages will view at 1020 pixels wide on a 4:3 ratio (square) monitor and wide screen monitors will show a coloured band to each side of the web page. This is to prevent the pages from "stretching" sideways on widescreen monitors.

Fingers crossed !!

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